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About Mark Sherman Johnson

Mark is most interested in exploring the intersection of psychology and spirituality as it is experienced. He is a certified hypnotherapist, integral coach, somatic coach, spiritual guide and trauma specialist, and practices in the Bay Area. He was a student of the Diamond Approach for over 10 years, a long time Buddhist meditator, a member of the Santo Daime Church, and was raised as a Unitarian Universalist with appreciation for all of the world's valid traditions. Mark has developed several novel trauma remediation techniques including Relational Tapping and Deproblemation. Relational tapping is a protocol that trusting couples can use to resolve argumentation and Deproblemation is a way of resolving one's own trauma through meridian awareness.

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  1. Michael Fratkin

    Keep ’em coming, amigo! You are the existential lullaby master!

    Love you,


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