Love It All

New video released for Love It All.  Written and recorded many years ago, but video is new…

Go to and scroll down.

About Mark Sherman Johnson

Mark is most interested in exploring the intersection of psychology and spirituality as it is experienced. He is a certified hypnotherapist, integral coach, somatic coach, spiritual guide and trauma specialist, and practices in the Bay Area. He was a student of the Diamond Approach for over 10 years, a long time Buddhist meditator, a member of the Santo Daime Church, and was raised as a Unitarian Universalist with appreciation for all of the world's valid traditions. Mark has developed several novel trauma remediation techniques including Relational Tapping and Deproblemation. Relational tapping is a protocol that trusting couples can use to resolve argumentation and Deproblemation is a way of resolving one's own trauma through meridian awareness.

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