Venue Date Show
Lost Church, San Francisco Jan 16, 2013 Best Of
The Re-Pad, San Francisco Dec 8, 2012 Gracias
Marsh Theater, San Francisco Feb 13, Mar 5, 2012 Favorite Moment
Lightbox Studios, Portland Oregon May 20, 2011 Plant Stories
house concert, Portland Oregon Jan 29, 2011 B Sides
Marsh Theater, San Francisco Oct 10, 2010 Favorite Moment Ever
Bazaar Cafe, San Francisco Aug 22, 2010 Remarq, Goyo, Fwik & Jelly Donut
Marsh Theater, San Francisco Apr 20, 2010 True Story
JellyFish Gallery, San Francisco Jun 22, 2009 Learning to Dream
JellyFish Gallery, San Francisco May 21, 2009 Learning to Be Human
house concert, San Francisco Nov 23, 2008 Collected Songs
Theatre Yugen, San Francisco Mar 25, 2008 Rewrite Your Life

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