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Infinity to One

Infinity to One
C G Am Em -verses
C G Am F

My friend used to argue, if something is possible, then the odds are 50/50″
“What? So it may rain, or it may not, 50/50?”
“That’s right.”
“That’s crazy, so you may win the lottery, or you may not, 50/50?”
“That’s right, You’ll either win it or you won’t.”
Then he won $5 million dollars in the Maryland Lottery.

The odds are infinity to one
We could be what we have become
And infinity to none
That this don’t mean a thing
The odds are infinity to one
My father met and married my mom
[My grandfathers married my grandmoms]
[Our great grandfathers married our great grandmoms]
And of all those eggs and all those sperm
We were born and came to terms
With the goods are odd but the odds are next to none,
…Against these odds like these, we have already won
This – moment, and this – moment

I met my friend in a small midwestern town
We both worked computer jobs after graduating from the small college in town
we both lived in historic buildings owned by lucky Ward
We liked to play raquetball but it was bad for our backs
We liked crazy jazz and female vocalists
He also grew up outside of philadelphia, graduated from the same small high school,
Went to the same pre-school, attended the same summer camp in New Hampshire.
I told my mother about these coincidences and she said,
Well, your fathers plays tennis with his weekly

Funny thing about infinity, those that consider it extensively
Tend to become wise, or insane. Just my luck I guess.
On my motorcycle in the countryside, on a fall day, the leaves are turning
A golden leaf I see lets loose from a tree, it’s falling, falling, falling, slowly
And just as it touches the ground, is just as the front wheel rolls over
Arising in the mind, all the stars and all of time exists just for this
moment, this moment, this moment, this moment

This much we know for it’s come to be
That this world is bursting with possibility
Annd sometimes I fear when I don’t see the Way
Infinity will come and blow us away
With this endless chain, so far unbroken
of mothers and daughters, fathers and sons
But as Einstein said, God doesn’t play dice
And with odds like these, better think twice
For where there’s a will, there’s a way
And we only need one when he rolls the bones


And if something is possible, the odds are infinity to one.

Fairy Tales Are True!

F C Dm Bb
[C]Once upon a time, when I was young
[G]Tales were told and songs were sung

I did not know right from wrong
The World for me had just begun

[C]Jack and Jill ran the up the hill
And [G]Jack fell down and broke his crown
[C]All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
[G]Couldn’t put Humpty together again
[C]And when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall
[G]Down will come baby, cradle and all

Are the fairy tales are [Am]true?  Are they [F]true?
Once upon a [C]time, happy ever [G]after

[Verse 2]
[C]Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn,
The [G]sheep’s in the meadow, the cow’s in the corn.
[Am]Ashes to ashes! We all fall down
The [F]Emperor’s got nothing on!
The [C]boy’s cried wolf one too many times
[G]I can not tell a lie!

The fairy tales are [Am]true!  They’re [F]true!
Once upon a time, happy ever after… How bout [C]you?

[C]Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
[G]Who is the fairest of them all?
[C]Some day your prince will come
[G]And maybe then you’ll kiss that frog
[Am]Someone’s been sleeping in my bed
[F]Mmm, Looking good, Little Red
[C]Fee Fi Fo Fum
[G]Huff and Puff and blow the house down

The fairy tales are [Am]true!  They’re [F]true!
Once upon a time, happy ever after…

I’m not [C]saying there be dragons, but I’ve seen a few
I’m [G]saying they can be beaten, and demon’s too
[C]Every story’s has a moral as the rose has it’s thorns
[G]and Life has its lessons, let’s not miss this one
No [Am]listen now my darling, and you listen Daddy too
[F]This is the part you may learn something new
If we’re [C]honest and humble, and have care for the Good
if we’re [G]faithful and earnest, we’ll make it through

Cause fairy tales are [Am]true!  They’re [F]true!
Once upon a time, happy ever after…

[Verse2 repeated]

Cause fairy tales are [Am]true!  They’re [F]true!
Once upon a time, happy ever after… How bout [C]you?

My World

  Am F C G
  Am F G Am

  F G C F

Here I sit alone and look up at the sky
Half the universe in front of me, the other half behind
One hundred billion galaxies, one hundred billion stars in each
And when I'm feeling small, I remember you all

All the people in my life [,world]
You are my family
The gifts you have given, is the light that I receive
I may not know much, but I, I know how I feel
And I love my family

Here I stand and as I look down at the world in front of me
There are six billion people, living in this dream
One hundred trillion cells in you, conspiring to survive
Upon you, I do rely, but we can't get out alive

This world is too amazing, for me to comprehend
Yet I think I know everything, when will I learn
That my one hundred billion neurons fire,if only to conceive
of how we will, with grace fulfill, our destiny

The ice caps are melting and the jungles are burning
But for 10000 years we have been learning
that life is our food, our shelter and clothing
It's like the Earth is our mother and we are her children

All the life in all the world, is my family
And the gifts that we've given, is the light that we receive
I may not know anything, but I, I know how I feel
And I'm gonna love my family

Perfect Silence

(F)Dear God, when (C)I was young
I (G)asked you if I'm all alone
(F)... and all (C)I heard was (G)silence (D)

(Em)I did not know from (C)then till now
that your (D)perfect voice is sometimes shrouded (C)in
(Em) (C)Your perfect (D)silence(G)

(C)Oooh, (D) (G) silence
I hear ...
Shhh ...

Dear God, in my perfect world
It's only good, no lessons learned
And no ones dies, and the sun shines all the time

In yours there's pain & discontent
And no bitter gifts are Heaven sent
Except, of course, in your eyes


And this endless string of perfect gifts
Beckons my heart to heal the rifts
And to touch the truth, to heed the call of, "Please"

So I Follow my path into your fold
Trade my glitter for your gold
And it hurts, but it only feels like pain

And after all these years I've doubted you
and all these prayers you have refused
all that I've heard is your word.


Mother Teresa once was asked,
"When you pray what do you say?"
She said "No, I don't, I listen"

"What do you hear, what does he say?"
She said, "No, he doesn't", He listens too
And if you do not understand, I can not explain.


Dear God, shine on
Though I'm deaf, dumb and blind to your perfect world
I hear your silence

And so, and now
As I ask you am I all alone
I hear ... Shhhh


Am - G - F

I pledge allegiance to the flag
And to the republic for which it stands
One nation, under God, indivisible
With liberty and justice for all

I pledge allegiance to God
Whoever, whatever you are
This creation just keeps on giving
As I bow down to the ground

I pledge allegiance to the Earth
And to the Nature which gives us birth
And to the light of the sun
May you forever shine on.
And on and on and on ... and on.

I pledge allegiance to virtue
I will not kill, lie or steal
It's through the virtue of virtue
That we are men among men

I pledge allegiance to freedom
I pray that we may awaken
One world, indivisible
With liberty and justice for all


I pledge allegiance to my mother and father
And to all of our sisters and brothers
Our children's children and the ancestors
I pledge allegiance to you
And you and you and you ... and you.
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